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Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer personalized executive recruitment services with the objective of meeting the individual specific requirements of our clients in a most efficient manner. Our range of executive recruitment services includes Executive Search & Selection, Advertised Selection and Vendor Management Services . A brief description of these different types of executive recruitment services is given below:

Executive Search & Selection

Our executive search services are designed with the objective of finding suitable individuals for our clients with unique skills and qualifications and to provide him our customer the top position in the industry.

Experienced Team:

We are an executive search agency with a team of highly experienced consultants, who work with the highest integrity to ensure best fitting leadership solutions for each executive recruitment assignment. All our consultants have prior work experience in world's leading corporations and human resource consulting firms.

Our team adheres to the norms, work culture and the code of ethics of our clients.

Consultative Approach:

We believe that corporate leadership and governance are key factors of corporate strategy and hence have always striven hard to partner our clients as a strategic adviser by providing judgment, market intelligence, and acumen.

For executive recruitment, we, at ASCENT INDIA RECRUITERS, go through an in-depth analysis of the executive to document accomplishments, management style, leadership philosophy and personal and professional ambitions, before finally selecting a right candidate. We work in close co-ordination with our clients throughout the executive search process and to achieve their maximum satisfaction, we also conduct a client satisfaction survey for feedback from our clients to evaluate our performance and results in executive recruitment services.

As soon as we get an assignment, we assign a separate team for that, so as to ensure the highest level of service to our clients. Our consultant team members are chosen for their industry expertise, geographic reach, and prior work experience.

Sophisticated Technology:

Another key component to our executive search process is our proprietary technology. We are equipped with a real-time and trans global industry database having rich information loaded with record number of candidates. These resources assist in accessing top executives coupled with our consultants' extensive personal contacts. Our sophisticated infrastructure facilities enable us in searching the executives at the required speed.

At ASCENT INDIA RECRUITERS, we focus on the unique identification, assessment and recruitment of the world's most talented business leaders in order to achieve the clients' satisfaction.     

Advertised Selection

Our traditional executive search techniques and print advertising enable us in searching executives across the cross-functional levels. This executive recruitment approach facilitates us to widen the reach of candidate base and if required, enable us in identifying individuals with non-traditional leadership qualities. On the basis of their experience and potential, it has proved to be a highly effective way of executive recruitment.

The Advertised selection process constitutes of three phases: -

Research & Specification:
In the research and specification phase, we thoroughly research and study the client's company, including their particular business needs and strategies, financial and market positions and work culture of the company. This helps us in defining and setting the key responsibilities of the role.

Development & Placement of Advertising :
During the development and placement of advertising phase, we discuss with our client about the advertising copy giving information of the timing and placement of the advertisement, thereby ensuring client's confidentiality where required.

Traditional Executive Search Follow Through:
Once the initial screening of respondents is over, the traditional search process for executive recruitment begins. Before providing the client the short-listed highly qualified candidates, we meet all the candidates and question comprehensively for rigorous checking of references.    
Vendor Management Services 
It is obvious that organizations spend both time and resources, to a great extent in their executive recruitment activities. They source CVs, short-list the appropriate candidates, interview them, and then carry out the reference checks. To ease these several executive recruitment activities, ASCENT INDIA RECRUITERS has come up with Vendor Management Services (VMS).

VMS is a functional and practical model for executive recruitment in minimum time and with the involvement of lesser resources. As a VMS provider or Master Vendor, we manage all the processes of recruitment by deploying our own appropriate resources. To manage the entire cycle of recruitment, we shoulder certain expenses, so we charge a fee for the executive recruitment services.

Advantages of VMS Model
•    Flexibility to the highest level because the services of multiple vendors can be obtained and managed by the Master Vendor.
•    Along with the others, the Master Vendor may also be one of the service providers.

Benefits of having ASCENT INDIA RECRUITERS as a specialist executive recruiter:
•    Carrying out executive recruitments in short duration of time.
•    Get the best deal in the executive service fee, as well as, with the availability of candidates.
•    Flexibility to separate the project with the completion of recruitment drive.
In essence, ASCENT INDIA RECRUITERS is both the Master Vendor and Sub-vendor.