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Build a meaningful career to have a meaningful life:

A large number of people go to work each day to a job they don't like to work for. The harmful feelings pervade through their entire life, putting a negative cloud over the family, friends and many of their other activities. They may lack the ability to change, and may be afraid of leaving the surety of a paycheck, or have hundred justifications for them to be so dissatisfied and stay at their job.

There is a better way to live your life and have a purposeful career. Having a meaning for your life is a driving force, which adds exuberance to your days. Having a passion and making it your career -- living a dream -- can not just be a wish, but a true and sure reality. At ASCENT INDIA RECRUITERS we are giving few tips to get your career rolling:

Analyze Yourself:

Ask yourself -- What actually matters to me? What are my likes and dislikes? What problems I am having and how can I fix it? What is my passion? What is my secret desire? What do I want to achieve in my life?

By reviewing these questions, you can get an insight as where do you want to go in your life.

Utilize your individual genius and talent:
Every person is born with a unique set of natural talent and abilities. You can have a natural flair or talent for various activities, such as - management, creating, writing, research, training others, drawing etc. & you can do these activities very easily and with interest. True happiness and joy comes from within by combining your natural talents and interests, growing & excelling in them, and working in a field, job or industry, which you have a passionate interest in.

Others have achieve it and hence can you :

Once you accept the fact in your mind that you can do it, you can have anything in your life that you want. If you want to achieve something, be confident in your approach and think positively. The feeling of being successful has to come first from your inner self.
"Only your mind sets your limits"
The only thing, which stands between you and what you have wanted from your life, is simply the will power to pursue it & the faith to believe that it is possible.

Be Proactive:

Most of the people stagger for years and never turn their dreams into reality. They let themselves down and remain in a negative frame of mind. You can change your life only by making an action. Read a book, take vocational tests or use the services of a good career-management professional. Do some career exploration and gather all the news and information that you need. Then make a decision to plan your future. Move forward and outline the action steps to achieve your career objectives.

The only thing you have always wanted from your life is happiness. Finding meaning, purpose and passion every day you go to work is the wonderful prize, so don't wait any longer.

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Interview's Do's and Dont's

People never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your success or failure in getting the job is determined within the first few minutes of the interview and so it is important for you to create a positive first impression.

Don't expect your resume alone to win the job for you; you will need to communicate why you are the right candidate. Do proper research to know about the company and the job profile and the type of interview you will be encountering. Do proper practice for the interview, but don't memorize your answers. Follow these simple tips to achieve success in this important phase of job-hunting.   

•    Research the current industrial trends, company and the job profile before your interview.
•    Arrive 10 minutes early.
•    Be sure to give a firm handshake, smile, maintain eye contact and have positive body language.
•    Listen carefully to questions and if you don't understand a question, politely ask for clarification.
•    You can't know everything. So, if you don't know the answer, say no. Don't try to give wrong answer or mislead the interviewer.
•    Be honest about your background and experience.
•    It is important to make an eye contact with the interviewer as you speak, which shows that you are confident and honest.
•    Express authentic interest in this position you have applied for. Tell the interviewer about the inherent aspects of the job, which are of particular interest for you.
•    At the end of the interview, It is likely to be asked, "do you have any questions for us?" This is the right time to ask any relative questions you have about the company or position.
•    Thank the interviewer for his / her time.
•    Send a thank you note.


•    Indulge in negative talks about your previous employer.
•    Make vague statements - be concise and specific.
•    Be too informal.
•    Speak for too long - more than two minutes is normally too much.
•    Act as though you are desperate for employment.
•    Appear anxious to end the interview.
•    Chew gum or smell like smoke.
•    Ask about the salary unless the interviewer brings it up.
•    Allow your cell phone to ring during the interview.