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Features of Master Franchise:
  • One time Low investment and gain revenue for 5 years
  • No need for spending time in launching and managing franchisee
  • Recover your paid  fees in 3 months
  • Earn 10% royalty for 5 years from your franchisee income.
  • A unique, proven successful business plan!
  • Master Franchisee will select a territory to start the operations
  • Master Franchisee Fees will be constant
  • Territory can be bigger or smaller depending upon the business potential which ASCENT INDIA SERVICES  will decide mutually with the MF
  • Master Franchisee will be given 1 franchisee centre without licensee fee.

Requisites for Master Franchise:
  • The MF has to pay a lump sum fee and become an ASCENT INDIA SERVICES Authorized MF
  • As and when Franchisees are signed by MF, the Franchisee Fee from the centers is equally divided between MF and ASCENT INDIA SERVICES (75%-25%)
  • By the time 10 centers are opened, the MF would have recovered the full fee paid to ASCENT INDIA SERVICES
  • Now ASCENT INDIA SERVICES starts receiving royalty @ 20% of revenue collection from each franchisee and out of this 20% is passed on to Master Franchisee.
  • Over a period of 3 months all 5 centers under the territory are expected to be operational and average annual revenue of Rs 30 lakhs from each center will generate total revenue of Approx Rs 1.5Cr.